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Welcome to our Essex Biological Records Centre Service

Our Essex Biological and Geological Records Centre Service helps you undertake ecological desk studies and obtain specialist species reports from our Essex biological and geological records database. We also provide information on sites relevant to nature conservation contained in national datasets and provide information on geological sites which are of county and local importance for their scientific, historical and/or educational value, as well as those designated as SSSI geological sites see our Datasearch Service for details.

Datasearch reports are provided as downloadable pdf documents with a spreadsheet file option and are customised to an area of your choosing.  Please see our Datasearch Terms of Service page for full details.  Once you start a request, you can save changes at any time and return to complete this later.

Our County Recorders compile, maintain and verify the primary biological databases for the county and we are also working in partnership with Basildon Council, Buglife, Butterfly Conservation, Essex Amphibian & Reptile Group, Essex Bat Group, Essex Birdwatching Society, and others to provide comprehensive coverage of county records as an Essex Local Record Centre. We can currently provide access to 3,055,617 records for 14,430 species across a wide range of groups. This includes access to an independently held database of over 27,000 bat and mammal records, data held by the Essex Amphibian & Reptile Group, Essex Birdwatching Society bird data and county recorder records for a wide range of taxonomic groups, all information that is not available to any other organisation, as well as Essex Bat Group data.

In partnership with Buglife, we can also provide information on B-Lines in relation to a search area.

The nearest Essex has to a comprehensive biodiversity species service is data provided by county recorder records and specialist groups, maintained to a high level of scientific integrity by these county recorders and specialists, many of whom are national recording scheme organisers or recognised national specialists, a task the Essex Field Club has undertaken in its current form in the county for over 60 years.

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For obvious reasons the location of badger setts is not included on this website's database.  However information is available from the four Essex Badger Groups by contacting them direct. 

Natural England have published Invertebrate Standard Advice for Essex on how to address invertebrates and their habitats within the planning system.

There is also the Essex Biodiversity Validation Checklist link, supported by Natural England’s local Land Use Operations team and endorsed by the Essex Biodiversity Project, available from Essex County Council.

Essex County Council also provide Mineral Site Restoration for Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Guidance link.

The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) have published new Guidelines for Accessing and Using Biodiversity Data link