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Colne Point Shingle Spit (part of Colne Estuary SSSI), ST. OSYTH, Tendring District, TM108125, Site of Special Scientific Interest

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Colne Point, near St. Osyth, is the best example in Essex of a shingle spit. It is part of Colne Estuary SSSI. The importance of the geomorphology of the shingle spit is included in the Site of Special Scientific Interest designation.


Site description

Colne Point, near St. Osyth, is the best example in Essex of a shingle spit. The spit is 4 kilometres long and is all that remains of a much larger area that existed in the 19th century but has now mostly been developed by the seaside holiday industry. It is of great interest for studying the movement of shingle and the development of shingle structures. It is an Essex Wildlife Trust reserve. Day permits to visit are available from the Trust.

Colne Point Shingle Spit from the air. Photo © G. Lucy


Colne Point Shingle Spit
Colne Point Shingle Spit

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Reference: Butler et al. 1981, Neal et al. 2003, May & Hansom 2003 (p. 531-534)

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