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Essex Field Club
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Inventory Collections

Collections: General  Botanical  Geological  Myxomycetes  Entomological  Zoological  

12 boxes of mosses, capsules, various collectors
15 Bound and boxed Epping Forest Mosses
2 boxes of botanical sheets/ brown paper.
2 boxes of boxed lichens
5 wax fungi model boxes
6 drawer grey Bisley with bryophytes in capsules, Herb. B.T. Ward
Alien collection (special herbaria)
Angelica stem/infloresence in box
Anon herb UK/ Continent, Leighton, Rev. William Allport British Lichens
Batteson, Mrs. N. J. Collection of 150 sheets of British Filices
Box of dried plants for teaching.
Box of ferns, very damaged, no data.
Box of plant galls
Box wood sections.
Boxed algae collection.
Boxed smuts and rusts, E.G. Varenne
Bryonia on sheet, in box
Characeae,seaweeds,bryophytes,ferns,lichens,vascular plants
Conifer collection (special herbaria)
Darjeeling Ferns bound volume, 1880s, 2 volumes
Davis, Dr. Maurice. Collection of 12 sheets of New Zealand ferns, ornamental
Davis, Dr. Maurice. Collection of 24 sheets of Foreign Ferns