Moths to see now

The following moths and butterflies are all expected to be adult or out now.  This list is based on the current week (Week 3) and includes adult/mature stages found at this time of year from our data in Essex (VC18 and 19).  The most likely species come first - note that those at the end of the list may be unlikely!

Bradley NoSpeciesGroupNumber of Records
70.253Spring Usher Agriopis leucophaeariaLepidoptera: macromoths40
73.194Chestnut Conistra vacciniiLepidoptera: macromoths40
70.106Winter Moth Operophtera brumataLepidoptera: macromoths26
70.256Mottled Umber Erannis defoliariaLepidoptera: macromoths25
70.282Early Moth Theria primariaLepidoptera: macromoths16
59.023Red Admiral Vanessa atalantaLepidoptera: butterflies11
70.247Pale Brindled Beauty Phigalia pilosariaLepidoptera: macromoths11
73.195Dark Chestnut Conistra ligulaLepidoptera: macromoths10
49.044 Tortricodes alternellaLepidoptera: micromoths7
73.210Satellite Eupsilia transversaLepidoptera: macromoths7
32.018 Agonopterix heraclianaLepidoptera: micromoths6
59.026Peacock Aglais ioLepidoptera: butterflies6
70.245March Moth Alsophila aesculariaLepidoptera: macromoths5
52.002Hornet Moth Sesia apiformisLepidoptera: macromoths4
73.113Angle Shades Phlogophora meticulosaLepidoptera: macromoths4
49.039Light Brown Apple Moth Epiphyas postvittanaLepidoptera: micromoths3
32.031 Agonopterix alstromerianaLepidoptera: micromoths2
49.080 Acleris hastianaLepidoptera: micromoths2
70.255Dotted Border Agriopis marginariaLepidoptera: macromoths2
17.011 Ypsolopha ustellaLepidoptera: micromoths2
49.083-4 Acleris ferrugana/notanaLepidoptera: micromoths2
45.044 Emmelina monodactylaLepidoptera: micromoths2
44.001Twenty-plume Moth Alucita hexadactylaLepidoptera: micromoths2