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Epiphragma ocellare
find out more... Epiphragma ocellare Copyright: Michael Rumble

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EFC Centre at Wat Tyler Country ParkWe are normally open to the public on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays 11am-4pm, check. We are also open on Wednesdays 10am-4pm.
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Record Alexanders Smyrnium olusatrum Record Tawny Mining Bee Andrena fulva
Record Dark-edged Bee Fly Bombylius major
Record Spring Flower Bee Anthophora plumipes
Record cuckoo bee Melecta albifrons

Tawny mining bee in gardens

Andrena fulva-2 Copyright: Peter Harvey
© Peter Harvey
Andrena fulva is often found in gardens in spring, collecting pollen from the flowers of garden plants and fruit trees.  The female is very characteristic in appearance. Note the orange-brown hairs over the thorax and abdomen, and black hairs on the face legs and sides.

The bee is an important pollinator of fruit trees such as cherries, apples and plums, so it is a valuable species to encourage in your garden! The bee nest in burrows in the ground, in gardens often in lawns. Only females have a sting and the bee is extremely non-aggressive and very unlikely to sting - this would be the bee's last resort and only likely to happen if someone picked one up and squeezed it, or if it was accidentally trodden on with bare feet.

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