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Essex Field Club
Essex Field Club
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EFC Centre at Wat Tyler Country ParkWe are normally open to the public at our centre at Wat Tyler Country Park every Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday 11am-4pm, check. We are also open on Wednesdays 10am-4pm.
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site surveys

We are trying to encourage the submission of information about sites of interest for wildlife, as well as species. If you know of well known sites, or other places of wildlife interest in Essex, please submit information and pictures through our Site form. You will need to register to fill in this form. Registration allows you to submit site information, pictures and supporting files and keep track of your submissions on-line. Please do this even if you only have one site submission to provide - all information will form an important addition to our knowledge of wildlife sites in Essex.

Please submit records for a site even if there is already some information - each record is likely to contain information from a different perspective. There is a draft site extension form for adding more detailed information e.g. for habitats and compartments at a site.

We are also supporting the Essex Biodiversity Action Plan process (see Essex Biodiversity Project link with our brownfield assessment form, to allow people to submit information about any land in Essex (including the London boroughs east of the River Lea) that can be classified as brownfield i.e. including post-industrial and post mineral extraction sites. Our knowledge of the wildlife significance of many sites in Essex, especially outside the Thames corridor, is very limited.

Site form Enter information about a site of interest, or you can add an interesting place using the Interesting Places Form. You will need to log on to do this.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of information submitted to our site database, but all registered users can add or correct existing entries. Please also add your own new sites.

Sites Map and Brownfield Site Map showing sites currently in our site databases, currently just a tiny sample of sites with nature conservation or geological interest in the county. The interesting places page provides links to a random selection of sites.

Geology Site Map showing geological sites currently in the geology site database.

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