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Nezara viridula Copyright: Peter Harvey See scheme page

Please enter your record below for Southern Green Shieldbug Nezara viridula. The nymphs of the Southern Green Shieldbug are distinctive, the fifth instars having 4 rows of white markings on the greenish abdomen, with red markings on the edge of the pronotum, as well as a red spot on the margin of every abdominal segment. The earlier instars are blackish brown, from at least the second instar onwards with four large white spots on each side of the abdomen.

Adults most closely resemble our native Green Shieldbug Palomina prasina, but the Southern Green Shieldbug is said to be larger, but this is not necessarily especially noticeable, and has a clear membrane, the base of the abdomen appearing green rather than brown as in Palomena. The base of the scutellum has a row of 3-5 small white spots with a small black spot at each corner. Apparently in some individuals the head and front margin of the pronotum can be cream-coloured. For help using this form please see notes at the bottom of this page.

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Southern Green Shieldbug Nezara viridula

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Notes and guidance on submitting records:

Your observations are important in helping wildlife enthusiasts understand the distribution of plants and animals in Essex and to identify changes. This form is for submitting individual records or observations. If you have many records from one place, or many records of one species, contact us or the relevant County Recorders. Complete the form and submit details of your observation to our County Recorders so that we can add your record to our County Database.

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