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Essex Field Club
Essex Field Club
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In response to the coronavirus problem and the Government's recommendations, the EFC Green Centre public activities will be closed until further notice.

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Essex Field Club Newsletter volume 46 (January 2005) £2.00

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  • 36 pages + two pages of colour plates

    1 Subscription reminder

    1 Essex Field Club car stickers and handlenses

    1 Conservation programme at St. Thomas Church, Noak Hill - a request

    1 Peter Harvey An update for Essex spider and aculeate Hymenoptera maps

    2 Mark Hanson President's Page

    3 Essex Field Club Annual General Meeting 125, to be held Sat. 12th March 2005

    4-6 Mary Smith Proposed new Rules for the Essex Field Club

    7-10 Mary Smith A wildlife diary

    11-13 Neil Harvey The Dark-edged Beefly Bombylius major in Essex - a review of distribution

    13 Chris Romer Acorn crop in Chelmsford area

    14-17 Ken Adams Red glands and spiny hairs on English/Atinian Elm and the documented history of the tree

    17-18 Paul Mabbott Harmonia axyridis - a potential ecological disaster in Britain?

    19 Jerry Bowdrey Unusual abundance of the long-winged form of Roesel's Bush Cricket Metrioptera roeselii (Hagenbach) form diluta in 2004

    20-21 Graham Smith A botanical conundrum

    21-23 Jon Cranfield and David Scott Amphibian and reptile report for 2004

    23-24 Graham Smith Fungus foray to Stoneymore & Deerslade Woods, Mill Green on 5th October 2004 led by Tony Boniface and Graham Smith

    25-26 Mary Smith EFC fungus foray on 9th October 2004 to Davey Down

    27 Tony Boniface New red data book species for Little Leighs Churchyard

    27-28 Tony Boniface New site of national importance for waxcap fungi

    28-29 Tony Boniface Very rare Russula in Crowsheath Wood

    29-34 Peter Harvey MAPMATE: the Field Club's preferred choice