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Anania perlucidalis
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Essex Field Club
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Visit Our CentreEFC Centre at Wat Tyler Country ParkIn response to the coronavirus problem and the Government's recommendations, the EFC Green Centre public activities will be closed until further notice.

Species Index

A-Z Species Index by taxonomic group

66.009 Dendrolimus pini Pine-tree Lappet
66.005 Eriogaster lanestris Small Eggar
66.010 Euthrix potatoria Drinker
66.012 Gastropacha quercifolia Lappet
66.007 Lasiocampa quercus Oak Eggar
66.008 Macrothylacia rubi Fox Moth
66.004 Malacosoma castrensis Ground Lackey
66.003 Malacosoma neustria Lackey
66.001 Poecilocampa populi December Moth
66.002 Trichiura crataegi Pale Eggar