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Mystacides longicornis
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Visit Our CentreEFC Centre at Wat Tyler Country ParkIn response to the coronavirus problem and the Government's recommendations, the EFC Green Centre public activities will be closed until further notice.

Species Index

A-Z Species Index by taxonomic group

71.003 Cerura vinula Puss Moth
71.029 Clostera anachoreta Scarce Chocolate-tip
71.027 Clostera curtula Chocolate-tip
71.028 Clostera pigra Small Chocolate-tip
71.010 Drymonia dodonaea Marbled Brown
71.011 Drymonia ruficornis Lunar Marbled Brown
71.006 Furcula bicuspis Alder Kitten
71.007 Furcula bifida Poplar Kitten
71.005 Furcula furcula Sallow Kitten
71.012 Notodonta dromedarius Iron Prominent
71.015 Notodonta tritophus Three-humped Prominent
71.013 Notodonta ziczac Pebble Prominent
71.023 Odontosia carmelita Scarce Prominent
71.016 Peridea anceps Great Prominent
71.025 Phalera bucephala Buff-tip
71.018 Pheosia gnoma Lesser Swallow Prominent
71.017 Pheosia tremula Swallow Prominent
71.020 Pterostoma palpina Pale Prominent
71.021 Ptilodon capucina Coxcomb Prominent
71.022 Ptilodon cucullina Maple Prominent
71.009 Stauropus fagi Lobster Moth
71.001 Thaumetopoea processionea Oak Processionary