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Sat 6th August 2011 19:20 by Peter Pearson
Adonis Ladybird (Hippodamia (Adonia) variegata)
Adonis' Ladybird Copyright: Peter Pearson

On Friday 5.8.11 a visit was made to Skinners Wall, the sea wall running from Mannintree to Cattawade (area covered TM105319 to TM104321) With me was my grandson Samuel, who has an interest in photography and natural history and whom I am trying to encourage. I have been involved for a number of years in assisting in Paul Mabbots ladybird survey and this one of the sites I try to cover. We came across clumps of Tansy and had pointed out they were good for hiding places for various insects including ladybirds, when a question came back why some 7-spots were smaller than others. We were infact looking at Adonis' Ladybirds which are of course smaller and less rounded than 7-Spots, but at first glance very similar. It was estimated there were 100 plus on various patches of Tansy with 30 plus 14-spots together with 300 plus 7-Spots, although these were more widespread (37 counted on one flower tub in the town alone) I have placed this record so that anyone interested may visit, but my records will be passed to Paul at the end of the year as usual. I note that on the species account for Adonis there are no recent records shown.



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