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Orthosia cerasi random taxon map

Datasearch Summary of Species Data

We can currently provide access to 5,476,349 records for 15,330 species across a wide range of groups.

We are adding to the database tables all the time, both with new records and with old paper records which are computerised and validated by our County Recorders and other specialists. If you can provide reliable records for the county, please send us the data, either in a spreadsheet format with taxon name, site location, grid reference, Vice County, Recorder, Determiner, Date (preferably day date) and any other useful information such as broad and structural habitat, recording method, whether voucher material is available etc.

batsCounty data
Essex Bat GroupCountywide data
Essex Birdwatching SocietyCounty 2013-on data
other mammalsCounty data
amphibians and reptilesCounty data
honey bee and bumblebeesCountywide data
bees and waspsCounty data
antsCounty data
other HymenopteraCounty data
beetlesAvailable county data
hoverfliesAvailable county data
soldier flies and alliesCounty data
flies (other)County data
butterfliesCounty data
larger mothsCounty data
micro mothsCounty data
leafhoppers and alliesAvailable county data
true bugsAvailable county data
grasshoppers, crickets and alliesCounty data
dragonflies & damselfliesAvailable county data
caddisfliesCounty/National Recording Scheme data
gallsAvailable data
centipedes and millipedesCounty data
spidersCounty data
harvestmenCounty data
pseudoscorpionsCounty data
woodliceCounty data
molluscsCounty data
flowering plantAvailable county data
non-vascular plantsAvailable county data
fungiAvailable county data
lichensSample of data
Invasive speciesAvailable data
fishAvailable county data
birdsClub records
slime mouldsSmall number of records