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Psoricoptera gibbosella
find out more... Psoricoptera gibbosella Copyright: Ben Sale

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A froghopper survey

Cercopis vulnerata Copyright: Peter Harvey
© Peter Harvey
Cercopis vulnerata Rossi is a froghopper of the family Cercopidae and not uncommon. Most hoppers are fairly nondescript but this is the only British species which is so distinctively coloured (see picture). Its larval life is spent covered in solidified foam feeding on sap from plant roots.  The adults are seen for only a brief period in late spring and early summer, resting and mating on the upper parts of various plants, especially in wooded areas.

Despite being fairly common, there are various aspects of its life history and ecology which are unclear - does it have only one food plant, for example? The adult is expected to emerge in the last two weeks of May and survive only into June but climate change may have altered this.

There are several similar species on the continent, at least one of which is a pest on pine trees, so it may be worth examining more closely any unusually shaped or marked specimens.

We need the usual facts (where, when, how many) but as much other detail as possible: which plants, what habitat, activity etc.  Records may be logged through the web site

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To see the results of records from our survey only click this link: Cercopis vulnerata results