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Lithophane leautieri
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These are schemes we are running for a number of 'easily recognisable' species. Please help by submitting records for these species, with pictures if possible.

Adalia+bipunctata some common ladybirds
Amanita+muscaria Fly Agaric
Andrena+fulva Tawny Mining Bee
Anguis+fragilis Slow-worm survey
Anthophora+plumipes Hairy-footed Flower Bee
Apis+mellifera Honey Bee
Araneus+diadematus Garden Spider
Argiope+bruennichi Wasp Spider
Bombus+hypnorum Tree Bumblebee
Bombylius+major Dark-edged Bee Fly
Cercopis+vulnerata Red and Black Froghopper
Cetonia+aurata Rose chafer
Chrysolina+americana Rosemary Beetle
Cicindela+campestris Green Tiger Beetle
Cirsium+vulgare Spear Thistle
Coccinella+septempunctata some common ladybirds
Colletes+hederae Ivy Bee
Daucus+carota Wild Carrot
Dipsacus+fullonum Wild Teasel
Dysdera+crocata Woodlouse Spider
Enoplognatha+ovata+sens.+lat. comb-footed spider
Erinaceus+europaeus Hedgehog
Erithacus+rubecula Robin
Exochomus+quadripustulatus some common ladybirds
Galega+officinalis Goat's-rue
Harmonia+axyridis Harlequin Ladybird
Harpocera+thoracica Harpocera thoracica bug
Lampyris+noctiluca Glow-worm
Lepus+europaeus Brown Hare
Lilioceris+lilii Lily beetle
Lucanus+cervus Stag Beetle
Malachius+aeneus Scarlet Malachite Beetle
Melecta+albifrons Cuckoo bee Melecta albifrons
Misumena+vatia Crab spider Misumena vatia
Nezara+viridula Southern Green Shieldbug
Nigma+walckenaeri Nigma walckenaeri spider
Oedemera+nobilis Swollen-thighed Beetle
Oryctolagus+cuniculus Rabbit
Pholcus+phalangioides Daddy long legs spider
Propylea+quattuordecimpunctata some common ladybirds
Prunus+spinosa Sloe, Blackthorn
Psyllobora+vigintiduopunctata some common ladybirds
Rana+temporaria Frog survey
Salticus+scenicus Zebra Spider
Sciurus+carolinensis Grey Squirrel
Scytodes+thoracica Spitting Spider
Smyrnium+olusatrum Alexanders
Steatoda+bipunctata False widow spider Steatoda bipunctata
Steatoda+nobilis False widow spider Steatoda nobilis
Tytthaspis+sedecimpunctata some common ladybirds
Uloborus+plumipes Garden centre spider