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EFC Centre at Wat Tyler Country ParkOur centre is available for visits on a pre-booked basis on Wednesdays between 10am - 4pm. The Club’s activities and displays are also usually open to the public on the first Saturday of the month 11am - 4pm.

Essex Red Data List changes

Changes and additions to the Essex Red data List

Major groupFamilySpeciesEntry addedEntry edited
ButterfliesLycaenidae Satyrium w-album25/11/202025/11/2020
ButterfliesSatyridae Lasiommata megera25/11/202025/11/2020
ButterfliesSatyridae Coenonympha pamphilus25/11/202025/11/2020
Larger mothsGeometridae Ematurga atomaria11/04/201311/04/2013
Bees, wasps & antsPompilidae Anoplius caviventris10/09/201210/09/2012
Vascular PlantsLinaceae Linum bienne10/12/200910/12/2009
FungiBoletaceae Boletus luridus var luridus16/08/200916/08/2009
FungiAmanitaceae Amanita echinocephala31/07/200931/07/2009
FungiAmanitaceae Amanita virosa31/07/200931/07/2009
FungiAmanitaceae Amanita inopinata31/07/200931/07/2009
FungiClathraceae Clathrus ruber30/07/200930/07/2009
FungiAgaricaceae Leucoagaricus subcretaceous30/07/200930/07/2009
FungiGanodermataceae Ganoderma lucidum29/07/200914/11/2009
FungiHygrophoraceae Hygrocybe coccineocrenata29/07/200930/07/2009
OrthopteraAcrididae Stenobothrus lineatus22/07/200922/07/2009
Amphibians and reptilesSalamandridae Triturus cristatus16/02/200916/02/2009
Bees, wasps & antsSphecidae Crossocerus walkeri15/11/200815/11/2008
Bees, wasps & antsPompilidae Evagetes pectinipes15/11/200815/11/2008
Bees, wasps & antsSphecidae Crossocerus styrius15/11/200815/11/2008
FungiBoletaceae Suillus collinitus03/11/200805/11/2008
FungiHygrophoraceae Hygrocybe spadicea var spadicea03/11/200805/11/2008

Deletions to the Essex Red data List

MajorGroupFamilySpeciesEntry deletedReason
Micro mothsGelechiidaeMonochroa elongella07/03/2023Checking of rarities by Steve Palmer, Gelechiid Recording Scheme, on behalf of Butterfly Conservation, the original recorder of the record from Grays in 1981 has no recollection of it, so advises it be discounted.
ButterfliesNymphalidaeApatura iris06/12/2021downgraded to 'Least Concern' in Red List of GB Butterflies (Fox & Dennis 2021) due to dramatic range expansion and increased abundance. No longer 'Nationally Notable (b)' and now a widespread species throughout Essex
ButterfliesSatyridaeMelanargia galathea25/11/2020omitted due to 'Least Concern' national conservation status. Although largely absent from the north-east of the county, its expansion has been rapid and can be extremely abundance at some sites
ButterfliesNymphalidaeArgynnis paphia25/11/2020omitted due to 'Least Concern' national conservation status and widespread recolonisation of the county. 'Local' status is more appropriate to this species
Bees, wasps & antsMegachilinaeHeriades truncorum23/09/2020Now very widely distributed in Essex, in common with expansion across much of southern England.
SpidersGnaphosidaeTrachyzelotes pedestris28/05/2020The species has proved to be more widespread nationally than formerly, and is currently too widespread and easily found in the south of the county to remain in the Essex Red Data List.
SpidersAraneidaeZilla diodia15/11/2018Has become more widespread in the county and nationally
SpidersDictynidaeNigma walckenaeri26/10/2018In recent years has spread widely in England.
SpidersAraneidaeLarinioides sclopetarius20/11/2017More widespread than originally thought, and not apparently threatened.
SpidersThomisidaeDiaea dorsata17/11/2017More widespread than formerly and not threatened.
SpidersAraneidaeMangora acalypha04/07/2016In Essex this species has been incresasing its distribution and frequency in the past few years and is now common in many parts of the county where it was previously absent. Previously it was mainly restricted to a small central area in the county between Danbury and Tiptree Heath, where it occurs in relic heathland habitats. It had never been recorded in the Epping Forest area, despite many searches in suitable locations.
Bees, wasps & antsHalictinaeLasioglossum pauxillum22/07/2013This mining bee has increased in range and frequency in Britain and Essex markedly in recent years,
SpidersTheridiidaeSteatoda grossa23/05/2013Increased in south-eastern England and Essex in recent years and usually found indoors or other situations associated with man.
SpidersAraneidaeArgiope bruennichi17/04/2011Widespread in the county and to be downgraded soon from Nationally Scarce
Amphibians and reptilesLacertidaeLacerta vivipara09/12/2009 
Amphibians and reptilesColubridaeNatrix natrix09/12/2009 
Amphibians and reptilesAnguidaeAnguis fragilis09/12/2009 
Grasshoppers & allied ordersConocephalidaeConocephalus discolor30/06/2009Conocephalus discolor has been removed from the ERD List due to its continued range expansion in the county. It is now a widespread and common bush-cricket in no current need of special conservation measures.
Bees, wasps & antsVespidaeDolichovespula media26/06/2009At the time the Essex Red Data List was first put together, this wasp was still rare in the county with only a few records. Although still officially Nationally Scarce (Notable A) it is now removed it from the Essex Red Data List to reflect its present distribution and status in the county.
SpidersPhilodromidaePhilodromus praedatus11/02/2009Widespread in the county and to be downgraded soon from Nationally Scarce
SpidersPhilodromidaePhilodromus albidus11/02/2009Widespread in the county and to be downgraded soon from Nationally Scarce

Work to develop the facility to update the Essex Red Data List on an ongoing basis has been supported by the Essex Biodiversity Project link.