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Heterogaster urticae
find out more... Heterogaster urticae nymph Copyright: Yvonne Couch

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Mary's natural history news page

Welcome to my page, whether you live in Essex or not, just as long as you are interested in Essex natural history news.

First, I welcome any relevant news snippets that I can include in my regular piece 'A wildlife diary' that many of you will have come across in the Club Newsletter. Many of you will be aware that I go for plants and fungi, but I tend to miss out on news about animals of various kinds, and all the geology. And I don't see the Essex newspapers, so you can fill me in there too.

Second, I will often ask questions about some event of which I know little, to ask you to fill me in with an explanation or further information or background.

And do remember to send me your thoughts on what I write: what you do like, what you don't like, and suggestions for improvements.

Watch this space! 

Bee Orchid mutant Copyright: Patrick Smith Bee Orchid mutant, a stunning plant, like a Lily, don't you think? It was taken at Belhus Woods Country Park in June 2007. Do you have any more oddities to send me?

Has anyone come across Common Mallow plants, in the wild, that have blue flowers instead of the usual purple-pink? They might be bushy plants with loads of flowers but no visible fruits or seeds, ie sterile, or they might have just a few flowers at once with lots of fruits and seeds, ie normally fertile. Please send me your observations (name of finder, date, place) and any other information that might be helpful eg sterile or fertile, how many plants, how far from the nearest dwelling. Please get in touch.