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EFC Centre at Wat Tyler Country ParkOur centre is available for visits on a pre-booked basis on Wednesdays between 10am - 4pm. The Club’s activities and displays are also usually open to the public on the first Saturday of the month 11am - 4pm.

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Essex Field Club
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Essex Field Club Newsletter volume 43 (January 2004) £2.00

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  • 24 pages + two pages of colour plates

    1 Subscription reminder

    1 Mark Hanson President's Page

    1 Indoor General Meeting 1450 to be held at 8pm Wednesday 18th February 2004

    2 Notice of Annual General Meeting 124

    2-3 presented by Mary Smith Reasons for new rules

    3-9 Proposed new rules of the Essex Field Club

    10-13 Mary Smith A wildlife diary

    14-15 Peter Harvey An Essex population of Segestria florentina

    15 Ian Rose Hummingbird Hawkmoth observations 2003

    15-16 Jerry Bowdrey A paedomorphic Smooth Newt Triturus vulgaris L. from Colchester

    17-18 Tony Boniface Fungus Foray in Epping Forest on 20th September 2003 led by Geoffrey Kibby

    18-19 Mary Smith Fungus Foray at Davy Down on 18th October 2003

    19-20 Tony Boniface and Mary Smith Fungus Foray in Chelmsford churchyards on 1st November 2003

    20-21 Tony Boniface Fungus Foray in Hatfield Forest on 6th November 2003

    22 Mark Linsley Letter to the Editor, To squeeze or not to squeeze?