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Essex Naturalist volume (N.S.) No. 16 (1999) £10.00

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  • 154 pages, 17 colour plates (8 pages) Editorial Team: Adams, K.; Allen, P.; Dagley, J.; Gibson, C. & Harvey, P. (Eds.) Journal of the Essex Field Club

  • Contents page

1-3 Report of the Essex Field Club for 1998-99
3 Income and expenditure account for 1998
4 Balance sheet for 1998
5-13 The 1999 AGM address: Bumblebees in Essex Prof. E. Benton
14-17 Profile of a Naturalist: Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Maitland Emmet, MBE, TD, MA, HON, FRES,
FLS Brian Goodey
18 Introduction Chris Gibson
19-24 Wildlife and Conservation Review of 1998 Chris Gibson
25-29 Review of the wildlife for Epping Forest in 1998 Jeremy Dagley
29 Zodarion rubidum Simon, 1914 (Araneae: Zodariidae), a spider new to Britain and Essex Peter
30 Rare jewels discovered in Epping Forest: Agrilus sulcicollis – a new jewel beetle for Essex
Jeremy Dagley
31 Celypha arbutella (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) a new micromoth for Essex (and England?) Chris
Recorder Reports for 1998:
32-34 New Charophyte (Stonewort) and Bryophyte Records K.J.Adams
34-36 Bats in Essex in 1998 John Dobson
37-38 Essex Mammals in 1998 John Wright
39 Amphibian and Reptile Report 1998 David Scott
39-40 Freshwater Invertebrates Report 1998 Tony Walentowicz
40 Some new and interesting galls in Essex Jerry Bowdrey
41-45 Recorder report for ants, bees and wasps (aculeate Hymenoptera) Peter Harvey
45-52 Review of the Lepidoptera of Essex for the year 1998 Brian Goodey
52-53 Orthoptera of Essex in 1997 and 1998 Alan Wake
55-58 The reversion of Chalkney Wood to site native species Simon Leatherdale
59-70 Heathland restoration at Long Running, Epping Forest Jeremy Dagley & Amanda Samuels
71-72 Notes on Essex specialities. 1: the Essex Lacewing Nineta inpunctata Reuter, 1894 (Neuroptera:
Chrysopidae) Colin W. Plant
73-74 Notes on Essex specialities. 2: the spider Zodarion italicum (Canestrini, 1868) (Araneae:
Zodariidae) Peter Harvey
75-78 Flora of the Lower Thames Valley Part 1. Tordylium maximum L. Hartwort Ken Adams
79-82 report on the status of the Shrill carder bee Bombus sylvarum in Essex Peter Harvey
83-100 The Anglian Cold Stage in Essex - a review Peter Allen
101-109 The Scarce Plants of Essex. Part 1 Ken Adams
110-124 The Essex species of gall-inducing Cynipids (Hymenoptera; Cynipidae: Aulacideini and
Rhoditini) on host plants other than Quercus Jerry Bowdrey
125-144 The modern distribution of harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones) in Essex with their regional rarity
and threat status Peter Harvey
145-154 The status in Essex of nationally scarce and threatened species of Coleoptera P.M. Hammond