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Essex Field Club
Essex Field Club
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Essex Field Club Newsletter volume 73 (January 2014) £2.00

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  • 28 pages + two pages of colour plates

    1 Subscription reminder

    2-3 Peter Harvey President's Page

    3 Tony Boniface W.R. Masefield. Personal recollections

    4 The Writtle College Essex Field Club Award

    5 Essex Field Club 2014 workshops and courses

    6-8 Essex Field Club Spring Meeting and AGM 134

    8-11 Minutes of the 133rd Annual General Meeting of the Essex Field Club held at the Hall of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Melbourne Avenue, Chelmsford at 2:30pm on Saturday 9th March 2013.

    11-15 Nicola Shearer A wildlife diary

    CENTRE PAGES 2014 Programme

    15-16 Kevin Surridge-Dines Devil's Fingers

    17 Tony Boniface The Pink-gilled Funnel Leucopaxillus rhodoleucus

    17 Tony Boniface Fungal bonanza in Epping Forest, 18 September 2013

    18 Tony Boniface A splendid fungus foray in Swan Wood near Stock on 26 Sept 2013

    18 Tony Boniface Fungus foray in Great Bull Wood, Hockley on 30 September 2013

    19-20 Mary Smith Fungus foray in Coombe Wood, Thundersley, on 9 October 2013

    20 Tony Boniface Last foray of an exceptional season, 9 November 2013

    21 Ken Adams Flying Saucers in your garden??

    22 Ken Adams Wild Flower Group Meetings 2014

    22 Botany Group/Bryophyte Group Winter Indoor/Outdoor Meetings