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Essex Naturalist volume (N.S.) No. 35 (2018) £15.00

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  • 292 pages colour throughout Editorial Team: Connop, S.; Gardiner, T.; George, B.; Gibson, C.; Harvey, P. & Knowles, A. (Eds.) Journal of the Essex Field Club

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1-20 Use of citizen science to assess the success of reintroduction of Red Squirrels Sciurus vulgaris
on Mersea Island, Essex Eleanor R. Smith, Chris Burr, Dougal Urquhart & D. Charles Deeming
21-25 Shrill Carder Bee Recovery Project Rosie Earwaker
26-29 Some large bones in Essex churches Bill George
30-33 “Coastal and Marshland Birds of Essex” Conference – 17th March 2018 Gerry Johnson
33 The Curlew, poem by Tony Boniface
34-39 Brent Geese ringing project Paul Roper
39-41 Essex Nathusius’ Pipistrelle Project 2013 – 2018 Pat Hatch
42-71 Essex 2017 Ornithological Summary Howard Vaughan
72-75 The lichen genus Punctelia in Essex John Skinner
76-78 Bats in Essex in 2017 John Dobson
79-80 Chinese Water Deer Hydropotes inermis (Swinhoe, 1870), a second record for Essex John Dobson
70-81 Beluga Delphinapterus leucas Pallas, 1776, a first record for Essex John Dobson
82 Spania nigra Meigen, 1830 (Diptera: Rhagionidae) New to Essex Adrian Knowles
82-83 Nomada integra Brullé, 1832 (Hymenoptera, Apidae) rediscovered in Essex Adrian Knowles
83-85 Gall Recorder’s Report for 2017-2018 Jerry Bowdrey
86-89 A festival for Great Green Bush-crickets Tettigonia viridissima in Wrabness Tim Gardiner
90-93 A shieldbug new to the UK and a bush cricket new to Essex from a site in Purfleet Yvonne Couch
94-98 Essex Butterfly Report 2017 Robert Smith
99-107 Essex moth highlights 2017 Dougal Urquhart
108-110 Essex Odonata Report 2017 Neil Phillips
111-114 Bryony Ladybird Henosepilachna argus (Geoffory in Fourcroy, 1762) in Essex Yvonne Couch
115-119 Brook Lamprey in Essex Darren Tansley
120-146 Anchor Field 2016 invertebrate survey report Peter Harvey
147-152 Guide to the identification of the species of woodwarts so far recorded in Essex Tony Boniface
153-166 Observations of the mobility of the Duck Mussel Anodonta anatina Tony Thorn
167-178 The Rose Chafer Cetonia aurata L. (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae) in Essex: distribution
and some aspects of its ecology Maria Fremlin
179-184 Colletes hederae Schmidt & Westrich, 1993 (the Ivy Bee) in Colchester: some observations on
phenology, development and behaviour Ted Benton & Maria Fremlin
185-234 Strandlines near Southend-on-Sea with particular reference to cephalopods R.A. Hewitt
235-237 Annual Report of Council for 2017
238 Income and Expenditure Account Year ended for 2017
239 Balance sheet as at 31 December 2017
240-242 Independent examiner’s report to the Council of Essex Field Club
243-259 EFC Exhibition & Social 2 December 2017 Graham Smith
260-269 The History of the Ex&Soc meeting Mary Smith
270-287 Essex Natural History Show held on 19 August 2018 Peter Harvey
288 Erratum