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Rhamphomyia barbata
find out more... Rhamphomyia barbata female 20150605-1583 Copyright: Phil Collins

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The weblog below is for naturalists to use to report interesting sightings, ask questions, report on field meetings and generally post pictures and any information or questions generally relevant in some way to the wildlife and geology of Essex. You will need to register and be logged-on to post to the forum, and you need to upload pictures first, for use in posts. Find out more

Thu 19th December 2013 20:20 by Stephen Rolls
Phyllocnistis citrella.
Hi all, I found this leafmine today on a Camalondin which was for sale in a Tesco store today, The Mine is made by the Micro Moth Phyllocnistis citrella which is a tropical species but finds its way into Britain on imported Citrus plants, you can see a fold on the left side of the leaf where the Moth larva has tried to pupate but it appears to have died during this stage of its lifecycle, I will go back tomorrow to see if I can find some more tenanted leaves and try to rear one through to its Adult stage. Steve.

Phyllocnistis citrella Copyright: Stephen Rolls

Sun 15th December 2013 09:22 by Mary Smith
re your Crucibulum laeve
A good find!  This is definitely not common.  In 20 years of hunting fungi in Essex I have never seen it. In many ways similar are Cyathus olla and C. striatus, but these are more common.
Sun 8th December 2013 17:19 by Peter Harvey
Excellent, thanks.
Sun 8th December 2013 15:26 by Stephen Rolls
Re: Crucibulum laeve.
I could not find Tony's Email so here are the details; Roundwood Garden Centre, TL 767259, 04/12/13, VC 19, Stephen Rolls. I would guess there was around 50 individual nests.
Sat 7th December 2013 22:06 by Peter Harvey
Re: Crucibulum laeve
Hi Steve, Tony Boniface, the County Recorder for fungi, confirms the id and says that it has rarely been recorded in Essex. Can you provide the details (grid ref, date etc).
Fri 6th December 2013 20:35 by Stephen Rolls
Crucibulum laeve.
I found this rather impressive Fungi on Wednesday, they were on a piece of broken pallet that was buried in an old bonfire at work that has become far to large to light, I have not seen it before but it seems to be reasonably common.

Crucibulum laeve. Copyright: Stephen Rolls



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