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EFC Centre at Wat Tyler Country ParkOur centre is available for visits on a pre-booked basis on Wednesdays between 10am - 4pm. The Club’s activities and displays are also usually open to the public on the first Saturday of the month 11am - 4pm.

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A-Z Geological Site Index

These are geological sites in our geological site database. See also our geology site map and Geological sites search pages.

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All geology sites
Abbotts Hall Boulder
Aldwick Lane Puddingstone
All Saints Church, Doddinghurst
Alphamstone Church (churchyard boulders)
Alphamstone Gravel Pits
Alsa Lodge Gravel Pit
Ardleigh Gravel Pit SSSI
Arena Essex Sand Pit
Arkesden Chalk Pit
Arkesden War Memorial
Armigers Farm Boulder
Ashdon Brickworks Pit
Ashdon meteorite (site of fall)
Ashdon Road Swallow Hole
Ashdon Sarsen Stone
Asheldham Pit
Audley End House Septarian nodule
Audley End Sarsen Stone
Audley End Station Sarsen Stone
Aveley Clay Pits (London Clay)
Baldwins Farm and Barling Hall Pits
Ballingdon Hill (road cutting)
Ballingdon Hill Sand Pit (site of)
Barclays Bank Sarsen Stone
Bardfield Saling Church Boulder
Barkers Farm Sarsen Stone
Bartlow Gravel Pit
Bartlow Road Chalk Pit
Beacon Cliff
Beauchamp Roding Sarsen stone
Beaumont Hill Sarsen Stone
Beaumont Quay Limekiln
Beaumont Red Crag Outlier
Beckton Borehole (site of)
Beeches Close Railway Cutting
Beehive Lane Sarsen Stone
Belhus Park Motorway Cutting
Belhus Woods Country Park
Bentfield End Sarsen Stone
Billericay Railway Cutting
Birch Gravel quarry
Birchanger Interchange (M11 motorway cuttings)
Blackmore Post Office Stone
Blackweir Pond, Epping Forest
Bluelands Quarry
Boarded Barns Farm Glacial Lake
Bocking Church Street (mammoth finds)
Bordeaux Pit
Botany Pit
Bow Creek Meanders
Boxted Church Pagan Stones
Bradwell Chenier Ridges (part of Dengie SSSI)
Bradwell Gravel Quarry
Brentwood Brickworks Pit
Brentwood Bypass Drainage Trench
Brentwood Railway Cutting
Brick House Farm Boulder
Brick Kiln Hill Brickworks Pit
Brickbarn Wood
Brightlingsea Copperas Works (site of)
Broomfield Gravel Quarry (former)
Broomfield Sarsen Stones
Buckingham Hill Sand Quarry
Buckinghams Farm Sarsen Stone
Buell Spring
Bulls Lodge Gravel Quarry
Bulmer Brickworks
Bushes Farm Boulders
Bushy Hill
Canvey Island Borehole (site of)
Canvey Island mammoth tooth
Castle Chalk Pit
Catholic Church of Our Lady Immaculate, Chelmsford
Catmere End Sarsen Stone
Chadwell St Mary Sarsen Stone
Chalk Farm Lane Chalk Pit
Channels Puddingstone
Chantry Wood Boulder
Chelmsford Museum Puddingstone
Chigborough Lakes Nature Reserve
Chigwell M11 motorway excavations
Chingford Mill Pumping Station
Chingford reservoir excavations
Church Lane Gravel Cliff
City of London Cemetery
Clacton Cliffs and Foreshore (part of Clacton Cliffs and Foreshore SSSI)
Clacton Golf Course (part of Clacton Cliffs and Foreshore SSSI)
Clatterbury Lane Puddingstone
Cobbins Brook
Cockaynes Wood Nature Reserve
Colemans Farm Gravel Quarry
College Wood Gravel Pits
Colne Point Shingle Spit (part of Colne Estuary SSSI)
Colne Road Sarsen Stone
Coombe Green Sand Pit
Coombe Wood
Coopers Beach (Restaurant Site) (part of Colne Estuary SSSI)
Coopers End Farm Boulders
Copford Brick Pits (site of)
Copped Hall Green Sarsen Stone
Copperas Bay and Copperas Wood
County Farm Sarsen Stones
Cowlands Farm Quarry
Cranham (temporary exposures of London Clay)
Crave Hall Farm Chalk Pit
Crown House Borehole (site of)
Crumps Farm Quarry
Cudmore Grove Cliffs and Foreshore (part of Colne Estuary SSSI)
Dagenham Breach
Dakings Pit
Danbury Common gravel pits
Dansand Quarry
Davy Down Riverside Park Sarsen Stone
Debden Puddingstone
Debden Road Chalk Pit
Debden Water Gravel Pit
Dedham sarsen gravestone
Dellows Lane Sarsen Stones
Deremy's Stone
Doddinghurst Road Main Drainage Scheme
Doggetts Pit
Dolphin Chalk Quarry
Dovercourt Red Crag outliers
Dovercourt Spa (site of)
Dunton Research and Engineering Centre (temporary excavation)
East London Pingos
East Tilbury Marshes
Eastbrookend Country Park
Eastfield Plantation Puddingstone
Eastwood Pumping Station
Edgars Farm Boulders
Elm Grove Summer House
Elmdon Lee Chalk Pit
Elmhurst Gardens road cutting
Elsenham Quarry
Elsenham Spring Water Factory
Epping Road Boulders
Fairlop Waters Country Park
Farnham Wood Puddingstones
Ferriers Farm Pit (Bures Pit)
Fields east of Stifford Bridge
Finchingfield Boulder
Fingringhoe Wick Nature Reserve
Fireball meteor of 1890
Five Bells Railway Cutting
Flitch Way Ballast Pit and Tufa Springs
Fobbing Borehole
Folkestone Road allotments
Fossil mammals from Prittlewell
Foulness Island (part of Foulness SSSI)
Foxborough Pit
Freewood Lane Boulder
Friars Farm Boundary Stone
Friars Park (former brick pits)
Frinton cliffs
Fultons Farmhouse Boulder
Furze Hill Gravel Pit
Fyfield Church Sarsen Stone
Galleywood Common
Gallions Reach (temporary excavation)
Gants Pit (site of)
Gaylers Brick Pit (site of)
Gerpins Pit, Rainham
Gestingthorpe Brickworks (site of)
Gibson Boulders
Gladwyns Farm Sarsen Stone
Glemsford Picnic Site (Essex side of the border)
Globe Pit SSSI
Goldhanger Village Well
Goldingham Hall Chalk Pit
Goldsands Road Pit Sarsen Stone
Goldsands Road Pit SSSI
Good Easter Sarsen Stone
Grave of Edward Charlesworth
Grave of Samuel Hazzledine Warren
Gravel Wood
Gravelhill Wood, Langdon Hills
Gravelpit Wood
Grays Gorge (previously known as Grays Chalk Quarry)
Grays Town Park
Great Bardfield Church Pagan Stones
Great Braxted Church
Great Canfield Sarsen Stone
Great Chesterford Gravel Pit (site of)
Great Chesterford Primary School
Great Clacton sarsen stone (unlocated)
Great Holland Pits Nature Reserve
Great Leighs Sarsen Stone
Great Yeldham Brickworks (site of)
Greenbank House Sarsen Stones
Greenfields Pingo
Greens Farm Sarsen Stones
Greenstead Puddingstone
Greenstead Sarsen Stone
Grimsditch Wood Flint Mines (site of)
Grove Road, Woodford (temporary excavation)
Gun Hill Gravel Pit, West Tilbury (also known as Broom Hill)
Hackney Crocodile (precise location of find not known)
Hackney Wick Pit (site of)
Hadleigh Castle landslip
Hadleigh Church Sarsen Stone
Hadleigh Great Wood
Hadleigh Park
Hainault Forest
Hainault Forest Country Park
Hall Lane Road Cutting (A127)
Hall's Quarry SSSI
Hallsford Bridge Clay Pit (site of)
Hambro Hill Sand Pits
Hamford Water National Nature Reserve
Hangmans Wood Deneholes
Harlow Common M11 motorway cutting
Harlow Puddingstone
Harlow town centre
Harts Wood
Harwich Borehole (site of)
Harwich Foreshore SSSI
Harwich Roman Cement Works (site of John Pattricks cement works)
Hatfield Broad Oak Church Puddingstone
Hatfield Forest erratic boulders
Havering Ridge (includes Havering CP and Bedfords Park)
Havering Well (site of)
Hazel End Sarsen Stone
Henham Road Sarsen Stone
Herongate and Lapwater Hall Main Drainage Scheme
High Easter Church Boulder
High Easter Sarsen Stone
Highest point in Essex
Highwood Gravel Quarry
Hill Farm Sarsen Stones
Hill House Sarsen Stone
Hockley Spa Pump Room
Hockley Woods
Holden End Sarsen Stone
Holdens Wood Gravel Pits
Holland-on-Sea (former exposures of London Clay)
Holland-on-Sea Cliff SSSI
Hollow Lane Gravel Pit
Holyfield Puddingstone
Hornchurch Cutting SSSI
Hornchurch Dell
Howe Lane Sand Pit
Hullbridge foreshore
Hunnables Gravel Pit
Hunter Avenue, Shenfield (site investigation borehole)
Ilford brick pits (site of)
Ilford Southern Relief Road (temporary excavation)
Ingatestone borehole (site of)
Ingatestone boulders
Jaywick Foreshore (part of Clacton Cliffs and Foreshore SSSI)
Jubilee Recreation Ground
Jupes Hill Landslip
Jury Hill
Kennington Park
Kents Farm Sarsen Stone
Kingley Wood road cutting (A127)
Knighton Wood
Lakeside, West Thurrock
Lamarsh Railway Cutting
Lambourne Hall Boulder
Langtons Gravel Pit
Larks Wood
Latton Ice Wedge Polygons
Leigh Cement Works (site of)
Leigh Spring (site of)
Leper Stone
Lexden Brick Pit (site of)
Lexden Gathering Grounds
Lexden Springs Nature Reserve
Leyton Flats (Snaresbrook Park)
Limefields Pit
Lincewood (part of Langdon Nature Reserve)
Lion Gorge (previously known as Lion Pit)
Lion Pit SSSI
Little Chishill Borehole (site of)
Little Dunmow Railway Cutting
Little Oakley Channel Deposit SSSI
Little Oakley coprolite pits (site of)
Little Oakley Red Crag pit (site of Harmer’s pit)
Littlebury Boulders
Littlebury M11 motorway cuttings
Lofts Farm Pit SSSI
London Clay fossils from the former Lea Valley gravel pits
Lords Bushes
Loughton Brook Meanders
Loughton Station Borehole
Low Street Pit, West Tilbury
Lucas Farm boulders
Luces Lane Sarsen Stones
Magdalen Laver Church Boulders
Magdalen Laver Hall Puddingstone
Maggots End (Pinchpools) Puddingstone
Maldon Cutting SSSI
Mallows Green Chalk Pit
Mammoth Cottages, Barking
Manuden Church Boulder
Mar Dyke Interchange Motorway Cutting
Margaretting railway cutting
Marks Hall Farm Sarsen Stone
Marks Tey Brickpit SSSI
Mashbury Hall Puddingstone
Maylandsea Foreshore (part of Blackwater Estuary SSSI)
Messing Churchyard Sarsen Stone
Midsummer Hill Boulder
Mill Wood Sand Cliff
Millennium Stone
Miller's Well (site of)
Mistley Heath (Elephant and rhinoceros remains)
Mistley High Street Cobble Wall
Moat Farm Sarsen Stone
Moreton Gravel Quarry (site of)
Mount Bures Boulders
Nags Head Lane M25 motorway cutting
Nazeing Gravel Pits
Nether Hall Farm Sarsen Stones
Nether House Farm Sarsen Stones
Newney Green Pit SSSI
Newport Chalk Quarry
Newport Grammar School Borehole (site of)
Newport Puddingstone
Newport Road Cutting
Noak Bridge road cutting
Norsey Wood Nature Reserve
North Stifford Church Puddingstone
Northey Island foreshore
Norton Heath Gravel Pits
Oak Hill Pit
Ockendon Clay Plant (Grange Farm Clay Pits)
One Tree Hill Brick Pit
Oozes Wood Puddingstone
Orsett Cock Quarry
Orsett Depot Quarry
Osea Island foreshore
Ovington Hall Sarsen Stone
Paglesham boulder
Park Farm Boulder, Havering-atte-Bower
Park Farm Road Interglacial Site
Parsloes Park
Parsonage Farm Boulders
Parsons Spring Gravel Pits
Patterned ground west of Clacton
Pickets Lock and Angel Road Pits (site of) (Lee Valley Arctic Bed)
Pinchpools Chalk pit
Pit north-west of Wanstead Park (site of)
Pitsea Mount (St Michaels Viewpoint)
Pledgdon Green Sarsen Stone
Pleshey erratic boulders
Pole Hill
Pound Farm Sarsen Stones, Gestingthorpe
Pound Wood Nature Reserve
Priors Green Sarsen Stone
Purfleet Chalk Pits SSSI
Purfleet foreshore Chalk outcrop
Purfleet Road, Aveley SSSI
Purfleet Submerged Forest
Purfleet, The Dipping (Church Hollow)
Quendon Church Sand Pit (site of)
Radwinter Road Chalk Quarry
Radwinter Road Sand Pit
Rainham Submerged Forest
Rams Farm sarsen stone
Ray Hill
Rayleigh Brick and Tile Works (Down Hall Brickworks) (site of)
Red House and Stonehall Farm gravel pits (site of)
Ridgewell Erratic Boulders
River Ter SSSI
Rolstons Pit (site of)
Roots Hall Gravel Pit (site of)
Roslings Stone
Roxwell Road Kettle Hole
Roydon Ferricrete
Royston Road Gravel Pit
Running Well
Russell Green Gravel Pit
Saffron Walden Museum Boulders
Saffron Walden Waterworks Well
Sandmartin Cliff
Sandon Pit
Sandy Lane Chalk Quarry
Sandy Lane Pit (site of)
Scrubs Wood Nature Reserve
Shales More Tufa Springs
Sheering Hall Farm Boulders
Shelley Sarsen Stone
Shenfield Brickworks Pit (site of)
Shipwrights Wood
Shire Hill Cement Works (site of)
Shire Hill Clay Pit (site of)
Shoeburyness foreshore
Six Corner Plantation Sarsen Stone
Skitts Hill Brickworks
Socketts Heath Gravel Pit (site of)
Soken Wood
South Weald Puddingstone
South Woodham Ferrers foreshore
Southend cliffs and landslips
Spains Hall Sarsen Stone
Springfield Park, Hackney
Springfield Spring
St Chad's Well (site of)
St Germanus Church, Faulkbourne
St Giles Church Puddingstone
St Giles Leper Hospital (remains of)
St Helens Chapel Sarsen Stone
St Helens Chapel, Wicken Bonhunt
St John the Evangelist, Langley
St Johns Church, Great Clacton
St Johns Church, Stratford (church memorials)
St Lawrence Church, Eastwood (boulder inside church)
St Margarets Church, Barking
St Margarets Church, Woodham Mortimer
St Marys Church, Ardleigh
St Marys Church, Great Bentley
St Marys Church, Lawford
St Marys Church, Steeple Bumpstead
St Nicholas Church, Little Wigborough
St Nicholas Church, South Ockendon
St Osyth Marsh (part of Colne Estuary SSSI)
St Osyth Pit SSSI
St Osyth Priory Gatehouse
St Peters Church boulders
St Peters Church, Colchester
St Peters Well
St Swithins Pit (Carswell Pit) (site of)
Stanford Rivers Sarsen Stone
Stanford Warren Angling Lakes
Stanford Warren Sarsen Stone
Stansted Airport Stone (Takeley)
Star Lane Pits
Starr Restaurant Sarsen Stone
Steeple Bay Foreshore
Stock borehole
Stock Road Gravel Pits
Stonebridge Hill Sarsen Stone
Stoney Lane
Strawberry Hill Pond, Epping Forest
Sunnymead Farm Gravel Cliff
Temple Cottage Puddingstone
Temple Mills Gravel Pit (site of)
Terriers Farm Well (site of)
Tesco Distribution Centre Quarry, West Thurrock
Thames Flood Barrier
The Cliff, Burnham-On-Crouch SSSI
The Coppice
The Naze SSSI
The Pinnock Stone
The Ryes Sarsen Stone
Thorndon Country Park North
Thorpe Bay brickworks (site of)
Thurrock College Sarsen Stone (current whereabouts unknown)
Thurrock Museum Sarsen Stone
Tilbury Docks
Tilekiln Green Brick Pit (site of)
Tilty Churchyard boulders
Turners Farm Gravel Pit
Twinstead Green Sarsen Stone
Twinstead Sarsen Stone
Tye Green Kettle Hole
Tylers Common and Upminster Well
Ugley Green Puddingstone
Upminster Brickworks (site of)
Upminster interglacial sites (general)
Upminster to Grays Railway Line
Vange Hall Brickworks Pit (disused), Vange Hill
Vange Mineral Well
Wades Hall Gravel Pit
Wakes Colne Green Sarsen Stones
Wallbury Camp Gravel Pit
Walthamstow Reservoir Excavations
Walton - fossils dredged offshore
Walton foreshore interglacial site
Walton former copperas works (site of)
Wanstead 'Parish Pit' (site of)
Wanstead Flats
Wanstead Park Grotto
Wanstead Spa (site of)
Warren Gorge (previously known as Warren Pit)
Waterworks Corner (road excavations)
Weald Bridge Puddingstone (site of)
Weeley Borehole (site of)
Weeley Heath Bypass (excavations for)
Wenden Place Boundary Wall
West Maldon landslip
West Silvertown Channel
West Thurrock Cemetery
West Tilbury Wells
West Wood
Westcliff High School for Girls (games field)
Westley Lane Chalk Pit
Wethersfield Sarsen Stone
Whalebone Lane ice wedge polygons
White Colne Fishing Lakes
White Hall Sarsen Stone
White Hart Boulders
White Notley Puddingstone
Whitehill Wood Chalk Pits
Wicken Water Boulders
Wickham Hall Farm Sarsen Stones
Widdington Puddingstone
Willingale Sarsen Stone
Wintry Wood Brick Pit
Witham Spa (site of)
Wivenhoe Gravel Pit SSSI
Wix bypass (excavations for)
Woodford medicinal wells (site of)
Woodrolfe Creek Saltmarsh
Wormingford Church Pagan Stone
Wormingford Mere
Wouldham Cliff (Chalk Cliff)
Wouldham Cliff (Involutions)
Wouldham Cliff (Solution Pipes)
Wrabness Brickearth Cliffs and Foreshore
Wrabness London Clay Cliffs (part of Stour Estuary SSSI)
Wrabness Railway Cutting
Wyldingtree sarsen stones
Yew Tree Inn Puddingstone

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